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We usually only adopt out bunnies and Guinea pigs. In some special circumstances we do allow other animals to be adopted, in a case by case situation.  Like many animal lovers, we are disheartened to see photos of abused or neglected animals. On this page you will see the success stories of how these beautiful wonderful animals were brought back to mental and physical health and re-homed/adopted by caring people. Below are pictures of the animals with their new human. We are currently working on compiling a list of animals along with their pictures and stories to update this page that are looking for a loving home. We do have a lease intern adopt a horse program, please contact us for more details.
Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve this site.

If your interested in adopting one of our rescue animals, please email us at: 
Please include your name, phone number, email, and what breed of animal your looking for.

Recent Adoptions!

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