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About 2nd Chance Ranch

A small, dedicated, and hard-working volunteers strives to rescue and restore abused or neglected, and unwanted animals. Our facility provides a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment for the animals to recuperate and get healthy. We have been providing these services in this area for more than 32 years and look forward to decades more!
Founder and Principal

Joy has always loved animals and has used all her time and resources to rescue abused, neglected and unwanted animals. She is blessed with the gift animals let her do most anything to them no matter how hurt they are. She trusts them and they trust her. She has sought to educate and entertain children and adults about and with animals. It takes endless hours of feeding, holding, and nurturing animals to bring them to a healthy condition and to trust humans again. A personal goal to get anyone no matter how afraid of an animal you are - she will ask you to touch one of them no matter how small or large. You will overcome your fear - and touch – and feel- and heal with animal Love. Joy can almost never say no to accepting animals, regardless of their situation she keeps saying “let’s get more pens built” and let’s keep growing!​ Joy is the ultimate animal lover! Joy oversees every aspect of the operations, as well as funding, future development, and events.

Lead Volunteer

Brittney has volunteered and worked on the farm all of her life and now all her spare time to assist in restoring and nurturing abused, neglected, and unwanted animals back to health and happiness. She trains new volunteers on handling, feeding procedure, and with animal nutrition. She has a passion for horses and Dogs! She traveled to Canada for her schooling to train and now is a certified K9 Dog trainer.

Brittney is an asset with the Canine department and Service dog training. She has been the backbone to the organization and a vital contributor to our success.

Brittney Owns Accurate K9 and has her own training warehouse facility and trains behavioral, protection, and scent training. We refer all of our dogs to her at 509-944-1298.

Kerstin & Taylor

 Somebodys got to help clean up the messes

Volunteer & our muscles

 He does our heavy lifting and moving stuff


not really - she is camera shy

Virgina & Helen

Pictured with Alice and helped with fostering

animals at her farm

All of the animals at 2nd Chance Ranch have been rescued, abused, neglected, or unwanted. Some in need of medical attention and owners weren’t able to afford or they just needed a new home due to moving or an owner passed away do to cancer or other illness or even old age. Sometimes it is just the wrong environment for that animal. A unwanted family pet and/or kids have grown and gone. We give them love, warm touches, attention, food, vitamins, and a nurturing forever home. Each animal has a unique story to share about their recovery or their old situation. The petting zoo is completely mobile and can include pony rides, and horse rides. We typically have 150-200 animals at all times and have 25-40 animals ready for events, and have many more that stay at the ranch. All monies raised from donations or events is used to fund, feed, bedding, vitamins, specialized medical treatment, vaccinations, and whatever else the animals need, as well as operations. Thank you for your support.

Roxy is an example of the work our organization does. Due to economic hardship, Roxy had not been feed or properly taken care of for a long time, as is evident by how this she is and how her ribs stick out. We accepted Roxy, picked her up and she is on her way to being 100% healthy again. Your donations and support can continue this important work! Please support us today!

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