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We rescue abused and unwanted animals and give them a 2nd chance at life.
They in return share and give back unconditional love and educate our community.


Our School, Church, or VBS visits are designed to educated children about animals. Sometimes it is the first time children have EVER been this close to a farm animals or the opportunity to touch a real farm animal. We teach everything from the noise they make to the type of protection the animal hair/feathers provide for the weather conditions and for survival skills in the wild alone the feed and upkeep if they chose a family pet. We interact with all the children with the animals they hold, touch, feel, heal, and love.​We teach children the proper methods for touching or handling animals, let them interact with the animals and we hope in the end, they will become better care takers of their pets.



We are a completely mobile petting zoo which includes up to 15 different farm animals and we bring 35-40 animals to each event from horses, ponies, to the rabbits. We interact with all the children and adults with the animals they hold, touch, feel, heal, and love. "Great Party" is usually heard from all. Entertaining for your Birthday Party or family gathering, school, churches, assisted living homes, veterans, or reunion. We can be used as a great “Attention Getter” or “Draw’ for businesses, grand openings or annual anniversary. We can entertain children at a Carnival, Holiday or fundraiser. Come touch and learn about friendly animals. We educate and engage our visits are designed to educate along with fun!



We do not offer the round metal GO ROUND, we believe a personal escort on a full tacked pony or horse around the yard, and block or drive way is the best way to experience a ride! Let’s poise that perfect Picture on a horse or pony or group ride. Pony rides offer children the opportunity to learn about horses while having a fun and sometimes life-changing experience. For many children, a pony ride can improve their balance, self-confidence, and positive animal experience.

Some whom cannot talk, walk, or see can still “Feel the healing love” and enjoy the animals!

“I to recommend Joy and the 2nd Chance Ranch to any organization that wants to bring a smile to a child’s face. Joy shows great compassion for the people and animals around her. Her confidence and unwavering kind spirit draws children to her and it is easy to understand why they feel at ease with her. It’s also very easy to see why Joy is in her element when she is putting on a petting zoo or giving riding lessons. To begin with, Joy is able and has the knowledge to work with children at all levels of experience with animals.


I’ve seen her place a baby bunny in the hands of an autistic child and give tips to a rodeo princess. I’ve watched her make a special needs teenager’s dream come true as she placed him on a horse and lead them through a field. She does this without sacrificing the safety of the child or the animal. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve personally witnessed a parent entering one of Joy’s petting zoos with doubt and apprehension about their child’s ability to handle the animals, only to walk away with a surprised, confident smile on their face and a very happy child. Joy has a sense of children’s capabilities with animals and draws them together. Joy’s expectations are high and children always meet them for her and for her animals. She has the capability of starting at a child’s level of experience and then continuously adding information and skills as the child’s confidence increases. Joy has a small group of young teenage girls who help her. With Joy’s patience and encouragement, I’ve seen them grow from hesitant onlookers to confident, interactive workers. Have you ever wished you could be in two places at once? Joy has this capability.


She is very aware of what is going on throughout her events. She can be at one end of her petting zoo doing an interactive lesson on goose down, and suddenly be at the other end helping a child carefully feed a goat. Meanwhile, she is making sure all her animals and workers are safe and on task. Joy and the 2nd Chance Ranch would be a great experience for your children and your organization.”


Virginia R. - Volunteer & Supporter

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